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    Participate in the emergency departments of Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy and Hue Central Hospital 5 days a week  for a one month rotation.  Total of 20 shifts

    Spend 3 days at one and 2 days at the other hospital and alternate these shifts weekly. 

    At least one shift per week should be an evening shift.

    Shifts are considered 8 hours/day.

    You will see patients in conjunction with the physicians there.  If you are a native Vietnamese speaker, you can talk with attendings in the ER about seeing patients on your own but you will still need to present them to an attending.  Many of us who have worked there also performed procedures in the ER. 

    EMS experience:  For those going who have a specific interest in the development or implementation of EMS systems, you can spend several days  taking “115” EMS calls at the Hue EMS center and riding along on an ambulance.  You should not ride along at night.  If you do not speak Vietnamese, you will need to take an interpreter with you from the school.  Most program participants have been able to contact Dr. Ngo via email and then arrange the ride alongs once they are in Vietnam.  If you are having difficulty with this, let us know prior to your departure and we will work on getting you in contact with the appropriate person. 
    Your contact at the Department of Health is:  Dr. Ngo Viet Si, email: NGO VIET SI <>

    Didactic responsibilities include:

                2 case discussions per week with the ER attendings and any residents or students who are rotating through the ER.  These discussions can be free form and should be based on cases seen the day before.  The purpose of the case discussions would be to highlight diagnosis and treatment of particular disease processes and to discuss differences in approaches because of culture and the nature of EM in Vietnam.

                1 lecture per week.  The topics will be decided prior to your rotation there.  You should plan to finish the lectures prior to leaving for Vietnam and upload them to the website for review by our group.   The goal should be a 30 minute power point lecture in English as there will be translation time to account for.  Lectures will be given at grand rounds at the Medical School.  Dr. Lai will let you know when and where these will occur.

                Short written synopsis of your experience in both the Hue Central and the Hue College of Medicine EDs.  We’d like you to observe and identify strengths and weaknesses of the departments, in terms of the physicians, nursing staff, response to critical patients, work ups, triage, etc.  Your observations will be invaluable as we work with the School as it starts its own EM residency.  Please email this to Heather Crane within a month of returning from Hue.

    You are not required to speak Vietnamese.