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Prof. Bui Duc Phu

Prof. Bui Duc Phu, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Hue Central Hospital
March 28, 2011


Dear Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Vice Minister of Health
Dear Prof. Peter Cameron, President of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine
Distinguished delegates,
Distinguished guest of honor and the entire conference,
First of all, allow me on behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee I would like to thank to Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Vice Minister of Health and the leaders of MOH’s Department, leaders of the Thua Thien Hue People's Committee for taking the time to attend and direct the emergency conference today.
          I would like to warmly welcome the distinguished guests, international and domestic professors, volunteers of the Good Samaritan Organization, the representatives leaders representing universities, health departments, hospitals and other students who attending this workshop.
          Distinguished delegates,Distinguished guest of honor,

Emergency Medicine is a specialty with direct and instant link to human health, life and property of people and society. On the day April 7,1991 World Health Organization put out a call "disasters occur without warning, we must be ready". Currently medical response in disasters is not limited within the country, knowledge and organization system also changes, the activities associated operating uniformly become a top priority in the international distribution to conduct the rescue when disasters occur. In Vietnam, emergency medicine began to develop over the years at various medical facilities throughout the country, contributing to cure more patients in a series of accidents, disasters and epidemics. Ministry of Health issued the Emergency Regulations to confirm the important role of this task while improving quality and meet the needs of human resources for emergency medicine. Many emergency workshops were organized in Vietnam.

In March 2010 the first time in Hue, with the support of Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry, a specialized workshop on general emergency was held, Hue University of Medicine was the host with the cooperation with Hue Central Hospital, Health Department of Thua Thien Hue province. This is an event that helped launch to proceed to complete the emergency system in Vietnam.
Promote the success achieved from the workshop in the previous year, with the  permission of the Ministry of Health, with the continued support of the Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry, Hue Central Hospital coordinate with Hue University of Medicine, Health Department of Thua Thien Hue province organize the International Conference on Emergency 2011.

Especially this conference was held in the context of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation disaster are threatening  of our planet. Only in 2011 that an earthquake with a 6.3 degree Richter happened in Christchurch (New Zealand) on February 22, 2011, in Yunnan province (China) earthquake with a magnitude 5.4 on the Richter scale on March 10, 2011; in Sendai (Japan) earthquake of 9.0 Richter on March 11, 2011 and this earthquake caused a tsunami 14 meters high and it was attacked Japan and other countries, causing damage to nuclear power plants and the consequences of radioactive leaks into the environment. And most recent on March 24, 2011 an earthquake on the Richter scale 7 on the border of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar have affected Vietnam. Tragic consequences of thousands of people dead or missing and millions of people to be evacuated, the damage is extremely physical. We share the pain with loss of life, admired the will of the people are fighting to overcome the disaster with courage and calm the highly organized society of Japan and other territories in disaster. Therefore this International Emergency Conference has an extremely large meaning, and all of us here will contribute enthusiasm, wisdom and experience to bring success to the conference.

This workshop will aim to further develop the emergency medicine program. In the first day there is National Conference on Emergency Medicine. Following days  the training emergency workshop is lasted in 3 days for doctors and nurses. Besides, we will ask for permission from leaders of the Ministry of Health to form the Lobby Commission to establish Vietnamese Emergency Association. Hopefully after the conference  our training doctors, nurses will further enhance their knowledge and skill. And it will support their work in emergency medical aid better.

Wish all of you good health and happiness.

Our warmest thanks.